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How the world will be if I have to ReImagine it!

My Re-imagination about the world we live in ,is, made of Beings of light.I imagine humans emanating Light that can be perceived by everyday man.
This world of matter will be choice based,choice exercised by everyone to live physically or subtly.The colours that define our manifested universe will be not be plastic crayons but will have fluid element to it like free floating coloured water straight out of paintbrush.
In this world, Thoughts will rule as supreme power.Any act that manifests itself will not be perceived as the real act but in an instant, thought will imprint over the action which will be the deciding factor for further responses.
This way,each being will focus more and more on Thought energy and will be able to change the aspect of afflictions and causation of hurt.
Cellular communication,body cells, will communicate messages to the other,no matter which part of the world the person is and this phenomena will come naturally to everyone.
Love of creative intelligence behind everything will be the Real thing and this source will be easily accessed by all
Gender will be differentiated by mere feminine light and masculine light,that’s all!Thought energy will give clear vibration and indication of worldly love that ultimately is emanating from love from source.
As every energy must move for that’s the very nature of energy,from world dimension, it will effortlessly move into its subsequent role and the whole world will rejoice on this transition.
This ReImagination is not far fetched for many of us practise this,it’s a matter of what choice we like to exercise?Are we more physical beings or Metaphysical?