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About Me

Having experimented with Cards of Divinity and Reiki for quite a number of years, I realized that to gauge, predict the future and improving health, is a simple act of nature ,provided one can read and predict the SUBCONSCIOUS.

That was around the period around the year 2000, when Dr Sunny Satin of California Hypnosis Institute-U.S.A, had brought an amazing science of Mind called Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy to India.

I started to experience phenomena within myself that would sound mystical, fearful,imaginative, to an ordinary mind.Incidentally, it was matching with the events that were unfolding in my life.

My visions started taking me to places and dimensions that not only confused me but awed me as well.Intuitively I knew, that my psychic abilities were expanding. In the language of science, my Nervous system was becoming extremely alert to my environment-both physical and non physical.

I decided that I must walk along with what Universe wants me to do! I studied this science of Mind, which not only taught me its structure but also its sync with the other two – BODY –SPIRIT

I got motivated to qualify to teach Clinical Hypnotherapy from CHI-USA, thus joining a handful of teachers who were qualified Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainers.

CHI-DELHI(www.chi-delhi.com) was founded by me as an affiliate of CHI-USA.

Now, I have a spiritually enriched experience of more than 15 years in the healing field.I am a Certified Trainer & Practitioner for Clinical Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Therapies from CHI-USA, Certified Instructor for advanced Theta Healing® Courses(Basic/Advanced DNA & Manifestation/World Relations/Intuitive Anatomy/Rainbow Children/Rythm to a perfect weight),Access Consciousness® BARS Facilitator/Body Process Facilitator, Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner/Childbirth Educator & HypnoBirthing®Fertility Consultant.

I am a member of National Guild of Hypnotists USA,European Association of Regression Therapists(EARTH) Netherlands, International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy USA,American Hypnosis Institute USA,HypnoBirthing® Institute USA and THInk®USA.

I have conducted numerous training programs/workshops on Self Empowerment, Clinical Hypnosis, Theta Healing®, Behavioral Resolutions, Access Consciousness® and many modalities at abroad places like New York (USA), Bhutan and many more and at PAN India level places like Gurgaon, Delhi,Noida,Faridabad, Agra, Jaipur, Bulandshahar, Surat, Chandigarh for Management Students, ICSI, FMS, IMA, Delhi Blind School, Medical Centres, Clinical Psychologists, Teachers with Non-Invasive methods and gentle approach, I have been able to help thousands of people change & transform their lives happily, with renewed self confidence & functionality.

My Achievements and expertise on the above-said have often been covered by Digital/Print media.

My Institute,CHI-DELHI,also has an experienced team of other healers/facilitators/trainers who have been growing on the path of healing and self-empowering people to create greater choices and possibilities in life.

Hypnosis took me to realms and spaces of mind that very few dare to go,not for any other reason but for the very barrier of the UNKNOWN,which is our very own!
Many people during healing sessions encountered lives which seemed unnatural to their current but still they felt it to be their own,their PAST LIVES!

  • Some utilized these therapies to overcome their Insomnia
  • Children loved it when they could play football once again after their pain vanished from knees in one Pain –Management hypnosis session
  • A young housewife ,whose life had come to a halt after her phobia of plane,train and even lift travel terrorized her day and night ,owes her second life to Hypnotherapy.
  • Parents were peaceful when their teenaged child who suffered panic attacks during exams,excelled in school and joined college of her choice after Hypnotherapy sessions..& many many more.

Hypnosis got another feather added to it when I researched for faster techniques in Hypnosis.I learnt about Theta Brain waves that when incorporated in hypnosis, can augment healings .Vianna Stibal’s technique of Theta Healing tm proved to be very powerful .
All healing sessions become easier when I intuitively SCAN client’s ANATOMY for issues using Theta Brain waves and work with their negative Belief Systems to encourage positive outcome

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